Masterwork ruined melee armor

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Hello all,

The current NON-Trimmed masterwork equipment makes quite a lot of game content irrelevant which is, in my opinion, a bad thing.

Basicly with the non-trimmed masterwork having t90 stats and having repair cost with gp, there is no need to ever get malev/emberkeen boots or razorback gauntlets again. For sure because the malev energy are only required once to make the trimmed set and are not needed to repair this armor. I think there should still be a degrade to dust option for people who want to upgrade their gear.

I like the way u made the masterwork armor the repair cost of the trimmed set, and this gives an incentive to make the normal masterwork set, but u made sure weapons stayed relevant by not making elder rune +5 augmentable and having t85 stats.

That's why I don't see the reason u made all other melee armor irrelevant with this update. It would be a good fix in my opinion to have the masterwork armor have t85/88 power armor stats. So there is still an upgrade possible, but masterwork being a more wellfare choice for people who don't want degrade to dust equipment as in malev/emberkeen or razorbacks.

This would make sure the content of ROTS, airuts and rune dragons is still relevant because u made it sorta the case that is not anymore.

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It's the custom fit trimmed that ruined melee armour. I agree that no degrading on slayer and reaper tasks devalues all melee armour. I think custom fit masterwork should have reduced degrading on slayer and reaper tasks rather then no degrading.

12-Jan-2019 16:17:14

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u will still need to use cinderbanes and slayer helmet on tasks. ppl like me also using hybrid legs cause Ive got "only" 1 scavenging 3 perk. so only using mw chest and boots during slayer. compared to t90 armor imo its not a game changer that devaluates all other gear... actually its vice versa atm. torva and malevolent costs more now cause they are needed for mw. And who are willing to invest 200m to get t92 boots and chest during slayer ? not everyone

13-Jan-2019 10:59:39

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Well PvM dropped armour ruined player made equipment over 10 years ago, so wasn't it about time they fixed their mistake?
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13-Jan-2019 11:21:12

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No - if you argue like this torva likely ruined bandos, which itself ruined whatever was worn before that - continue the sequence until you've reached adamant if you want.

To be honest: Masterwork is one of best concepted armours. It is a dumb idea having everything on an entirely linear path, but incorporating torva and malevolent into trimmed masterwork was grandious. If torva was ruined it should be worth less than pernix/virtus now - right?
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13-Jan-2019 11:57:20

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Razoback gaunts> Near identical stats to normal masterwork, except for 2 prayer bonus - 2mill.

Emberkeen boots - Indentical stats, 2 more prayer bonus - 43mill price tag.

Masterowk is a full set t90 - Takes 25 hours to make.

The above are easily obtained from slayer monsters.

(The secondary from rune dragons and the boots from glacors)

The prayer bonusses are not that useful.

But the items are more radily available over master-work, until more armours are smithed ofc, but most of the new master-work will eventually be used to repair trimmed masterwork.

(Rich people will use t92 armour anywhere ofc and new bosses will be released that may be more mellee friendly in the future)

I agree that some stats may be buffed for slayer drops, but not by too much.

The hype will soon die down as well, making the flow of new master-work armour in the game go down by a lot.
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13-Jan-2019 15:02:03

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This is the one thing I've always heavily disliked about this community. It demands new things but, in that same breath, hates change and also demands that it can't devalue anything that already exists; which puts Jagex in an almost impossible position. I certainly don't envy them when it comes to such updates.

You can't have new things without those new things literally devaluing already existing content. At some point these supposedly "untouchable" items will be subpar because they will have to be in order to keep the game relevant.

13-Jan-2019 15:33:24

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0mens said:
You cannot augment the new t90, you can augment malevolent.

Therefore people will still buy malev, simple.

I believe you can augment both standard and trimmed masterwork? I'm pretty sure the standard masterwork armour can be augmented but I'm on the fence about trimmed.

I vaguely remember hearing from people in game that if you custom fit your trimmed masterwork before augmenting it you can't augment it and will need another set - augment it first then custom fit.

13-Jan-2019 15:46:16

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