Masterwork ruined melee armor

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Ashlin107 said:
Ashlin107 said:
Masterwork needed to be released. As we needed an alternate route to endgame gear outside of "just buy it" (although you still need to sacrifice malevolent and torva to trim it). Plus we finally have a good reason to want to get 99 smithing outside of getting the skill/max cape. Which is something too many skills lack currently.

Not to mention this could provide a potential gateway to said high level pvm.

Trim masterwork is tradable so you can still just buy it.

I'm aware of that but before this update the only way to obtain endgame armour is to do high level pvm or just buy it. Now however you can use your skills to obtain this armour which is the alternative way I was talking about it.

And using your skills to obtain end-game gear is amazing. I am currently in the process of mining the last bit of ore needed for me to make masterwork from scratch :)

20-Jan-2019 22:09:35

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