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Silvery Aura said:
Mod William said:
The ability to toggle gaining XP from Guthixian butterflies has been added. Speak to Orla at the Heart of Guthix memorial to toggle XP off.

Why? Think about it.

1. It's the whole reason for Guthixian butterflies, plus the XP goes to a person's lowest skill.

2. The XP isn't applied until the person catches the butterfly.

3. If people don't want the XP from Guthixian butterflies, they don't have to chase and catch them. I know from personal experience when I've been AFKing that they vanish in a cpl minutes if not caught anyway, so this seems a totally useless and unnecessary change.

I agree. I didn't see a point to this change.

I like the clue scroll update though.

Still nothing about the excalibur cooldown icon popping up whenever Ice Asylum is triggered, no matter what cb style or weapon is used! Makes me wonder if that's intentional, but i don't see the purpose for that.

12-Jul-2017 19:12:37

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Levenant said:
On another note, why does my time thing say 2016 when I've had this account since around 2002!

It's how long you've had membership loyalty. Mine said 2006 until I got banned one year, upon lifting the ban they set it back to 2008 for some reason.
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13-Jul-2017 17:12:04

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The prayer quick sets were unneeded and unwanted. when I have my decimation wielded my action bar doesn't light up and i cant turn on curses from the prayer icon so thanks for nothing. Remember the K I S S principle "keep it simple stupid" things may work better.

17-Jul-2017 09:18:27

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