Bring high alch prices back up

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Aria Ventus said:
Foxxie said:
No support. Rune is now worthless and should stay that way.

Never mind rune and below then, what about elder rune and even more devalued: masterwork and trimmed masterwork?

The whole point behind the Mining and Smithing rework was to ensure that smithable armour only entered the game via people smithing it. Adding it to boss drop tables would defeat the whole purpose.

Keep bosses as-is. Maybe remove spirits and salvage altogether and create different/better sources for spirits and components not tied to PVM. Bossing is supposed to be a lot of nothing unless you get a unique drop anyway.

25-Jan-2019 00:01:21

David James

David James

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No support, because in the long run it'll have no change except inflating gold even more.

Alch prices go up, more gold into economy, buying power goes down, making what gold you do earn be worth less, eventually going back down to how it was before the change.

Yeah you'll make as an example 5m/hr instead of 2m/hr, but then buying power of gold will go down so you'll be making the same relative wealth when you try to purchase things with gold; cuz everybody will be trying to just buy stuff with their increased hoard of gold, resulting in pric-

Yeah you see the circle here?

This won't do anything long term really. Just like nowadays 2m/hr is pretty "meh" for money-making cuz of all the gold in-game, whereas 5 years ago it was actually pretty damn good.

Actually if you compare elder rune to pre-rework rune (basically the same relative level required tbh), they did technically bring alch prices up. It's now a steady 10k/bar no matter what you make whereas before a single bar worth for a dagger was 4.8k, so they doubled the minimum.

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