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Wildy wyrms were only good gp if you had a large group of people (10-20 players) for around 10m an hour, similar to rax....why nerf them? And there's a risk of being pked that comes with entering the wilderness, especially wearing gear required to kill them. There's no other reason for people to work together in wilderness for pvm, and warbands once every 7 hours is the only other time people even come together to enter it. The few days we had of grouping up to locate wyrm spawns and coordinating for fast kills were very enjoyable. I hope these changes are reconsidered.

20-Feb-2017 17:43:40

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Malefor said:
attempt #271 at trying to revive wildywyrm

The changes appear to be nerfs, so it would actually seem like they're trying to get rid of the few people who were making 10+ mil an hour killing the wyrms.

20-Feb-2017 21:36:45

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