Masterwork has No HP Bonus?

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Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that the new "best" armor in the game has absolutely no health bonus? And that it shares the same defensive traits as elder rune +5. (But elder rune +5 has the health boost).

Are people just that eager to trade off HP boost for some offense? I guess so.

12-Jan-2019 23:30:12

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Elder rune+5 is tank armour (t85 equivalent), masterwork is power armour(t90 equivalent - which means t85 armour bonus because power armour is always -5 levels to armour rating)

Tank armour also has a built in % damage reduction for PvM and power armour of course has the increased damage. Ultimately this comes down to power armour being preferred over tank armour almost everywhere because you simply don't need that sort of defence.

Trimmed masterwork is then t92 power armour and even has special effects that helps to survive burst damage (but is basically useless against sustained damage as it doesn't actually block damage, just delay it)

13-Jan-2019 00:39:54

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Lego Miester said:
I'd say that, due to it eating torva to craft, yes trimmed should be changed to have a HP bonus.

They could be leaving themselves room to add-in equivalent PvM-dropped T92 gear which could have lower stats than Masterwork, but include a HP bonus.

There doesn't always have to be a single BiS armor, even among the same tier, so the lack of a HP bonus might indicate they plan on mixing-up the stats (though ensuring that the overall power level suits the tier) between armors. Instead of taking the HP bonus more or less for granted, having to choose between one set which has higher strength but no HP bonus, and another which has lower strength (but still good for T92) with HP would add greatly-needed diversity: you wouldn't just buy the single highest-tier Power Armor you can afford any more.

So whether they should add a HP bonus would depend on whether they plan to do this.

It seems likely that is what they're doing, because they're running out of space at the top-end, and adding new tiers introduces power-creep, so they may be fully intending to broaden the scope of tiers from here.

13-Jan-2019 06:10:15

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