Tier 10-40 Salvage/Spirits

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David James

David James

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Jennette said:
Read my thread at all guys? I asked a few questions... then made a couple statements about removing low tier junk That may or may not be useless.

Yeah the first post after OP answered 'em all.

To say it again in a different way cuz you must have skipped over the non-supportive response:

Salvage is for alching/disassembling (the latter can be done via spring cleaner without consuming springs now)

Spirits are used for obtaining a (guaranteed) bonus ore whilst mining the appropriate rocks and if used in conjunction with a perfect juju mining potion; refills your stamina on each successful "harvest" from said rock.

This allows one to maintain stamina whilst afk PLUS doubles the gathering rate of lower level ores if you're feeling froggy to get em all yourself.

By your comments all items under like t90 (92 really, considering it's the top now) should be removed from game, cuz they're "useless" compared to other things in game that are better.

25-Jan-2019 14:55:00

David James

David James

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No, but you also don't start with 99 all skills either, the people that use said spirits are the ones that either:

A. Don't have the level to mine the higher ores
B. Want to make the masterwork bars themselves

It's all a matter of opinion and perspective, something that is useless to you is potentially rewarding for someone else. All tradeable discontinued items being a prime example. Technically they're useless too tbh, no stats/perks of any kind, nor alch/disassemble for really anything; more useless than tiny bronze salvage.

Btw, you realize t40 salvage (rune) alchs for up to 40k each right? You literally just called all rune items pre-rework "useless" Even some adamant items (t30 salvage) were alched before albiet most were disassembled.

By removing everything that "isn't needed" you'd be removing 90%+ of the items in-game, including every single tradeable rare; as none of them are "needed" but "wanted" instead.

If it was such an issue people would have asked all bronze to rune items be removed from the game before the rework. Why didn't you make this thread back then if it's such a big deal?

It's only because of lower PvM profits post-rework that this issue even came up (which they're working on removing the lower spirits from the upper levels of PvM, but they're also gonna add higher value spirits instead in an attempt to keep profits relatively the same pre-rework)

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