Iron platebodies

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Salmo Salar
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Salmo Salar

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Hi, so I had some iron platebodies in my bank for daily summoning challenges prior to the Mining/smithing rework. Unlike my steel platebodies they were not converted into metal tokens. As far as I know there are no Iron metal tokens, so am I just stuck with a bunch of platebodies with no real use, and no replacement?

10-Jan-2019 09:32:40

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Either the iron bodies should have been replaced with iron ingots or tradable tokens, or they should have left the summoning ingredients as they were. As he said, players had these to make iron titans and now they are useless. Make them directly tradable for iron ingots at the token shop.

12-Jan-2019 02:13:40

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I noticed this and dumped all my iron plates as soon as I logged in (they sold pretty much instantly for profit despite logging in long after the update went live), I didn't have many (less than 200) as I only keep them for daily challenges anyway normally and always bought from the stores (a lot cheaper than GE ever was) so I wasn't really bothered tbh.

A direct swap to ingots option for summoning would've been nice but I think tokens only exist for steel-rune items, iron were considered low enough to not have meaningful value - and in fairness this is true for the most part, the platebodies were one of the only exceptions (though again, they were pretty cheap in stores pre-rework - even if limited to 30/day).

That said, I would prefer just to not get iron titan dailies to begin with - steel titan/yak are always preferredzee danger said:
How do we make steel and iron titans now?

You can make iron/steel ingots in the casting metals section of the furnace - 5 bars per ingot, 1 ingot per pouch.

13-Jan-2019 01:07:41

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