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First, I'd like to give a huge thumbs-up to Jagex for the recent rework. The old system didn't make sense at all, and I'm glad the issue is finally being adressed. However, I'd like to propose some constructive feedback:

- Update or remove shooting stars and the blast furnace accordingly to the rework.

- Consider removing useless mining content like blurite and daeyalt ore.

- Consider removing redundant mining spots people never use, like the runite spot on

- Consider removing anvils people never use, like the anvil in the sewers of Draynor.

- Consider removing gemstones and arrows from drop tables, as they devalue mining and

- Keep med helm and chainmail equal to full helm and platebody in stats, so one freely can
choose their favourite.

- Consider removing the middle tier upgrades on smithed armor, and just have one
upgrade. (I don't think there'll be a market for the middle ones)

- Consider making other equipment upgradable through smithing as well, like gravite

- Doric & son's orders should have a clear stop for F2P when the F2P cap is met, and at least
one F2P mining order.

- Clarify if upgraded pickaxes are more effective in mining, and if they can be added to the

- Rework the mining and smelting urns to match the rework. Smelting urns should be
turned into smithing urns, as smelting urns are practically worthless.

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Blurite and Daeyalt have ties to the lore of the game and mechanics/quests, so removing them is silly.

You want to remove Rantuan's only furniture?? You're a monster.

Make chainmail equal to platebody.. okay, then what would be the point of a rune platebody being gated behind dragon slayer? Chainbodies offer less defense. That's just how they are. They're the cheaper, weaker alternatives.

Gravite does have an upgrade, it's called Chaotic.
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- Yeah - minigame content preferably should be updated.
- Why should quest ore be removed?
- I don't see a reason to remove certain more exotic spots.
- I don't see a reason to remove certain more exotic anvils.
- Since when are gems mining exclusive content? There even are gems not obtained from mining at all. And how is fletching being devalued by having it not exclusively at mining?
- They are now Oh they aren't - it was planned at least: Yeah they should do it then.
- It's for having higher tiered items consuming more bars over the course of their progression.
- It's stuff with a different progression path, not tied into mining and/or smithing.
- What?
- They are.
- Oh finally a good point: Yeah, smelting urns were already junk before the rework and they're even worse now.
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