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Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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Niyah said:
Increase the time it takes to craft tenfold and then people certainly wouldn't want to make it.

The original pitch was a 100h craft time and 1,200 bars of each type.

Since they can't touch bar cost post-release, I'm still hoping they'll up the amount of progress (and by extension, time) it takes to make the set.

For reference, the current time is roughly 25 hours from scratch.
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It felt like it took longer than that for me, but I did mine everything myself. One hundred hours sounds like a long enough time to put some people off, but not the majority of RuneScape players.

I'm not actually sure if Jagex are really factoring in the average level and play times of the player base. Almost all people I've met are maxed and play for hundreds of hours a month.

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The only issue with making it an even lengthier process than it already is means this will also have to make either standard masterwork or at least the trimmed variant attractive to buyers. If this is done and no one is buying it then why would someone like me make it? I'd also like to think it wouldn't involve an extra material akin to what the trimmed variant does.

Maybe even make standard masterwork degrade to dust and leaving masterwork as is, possibly even going so far as to only make trimmed masterwork repairable by using standard pieces on it and removing any other methods of repairing it? So that this means that standard masterwork pieces will always be in demand by trimmed owners?

I'll probably make one and keep it for myself at one point, however making sets for profit would be an issue if no one buys it and it also doesn't give hardly any exp... what's the point in making it?

If it requires a lot of the person who is actually making it's time it would need to be reasonably profitable otherwise no one is going to willingly make it for people who can't be arsed to make it themselves if they're paying them scraps - that's bordering on insulting.

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David James
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And people laughed at me when I was saying MW would very quickly fall in value/become pointless to make for profit.

The thing is, it's gotta stay above like, 50-60m CURRENTLY to be "worth it" over putting the same amount of time into making elder rune sets to even high alch for profit, let alone sell for more than that to whales wanting dem fast xp gainz.

No amount of time gating either by increasing the amount of ores or crafting time will deter people from just alt/botscaping these pieces, it'll only turn the average player away from it as the aforementioned play styles will keep prices down, cuz they can be done with relative ease and en masse.

It's why I haven't trimmed mine yet; I saw this happening even before the release date, said so, and was just laughed at. *shrugs* shit happens. But I wasn't gonna get stuck with a pita 8-40 hour repair time every time my stuff degraded.

Turning regular into degrade to dust will make it useless to make except for repairing trimmed, cuz malev is cheaper/quicker to obtain; which the only demand for it will then will be those that have trimmed.

The price will get so low nobody will want to make it to sell vs elder rune, so then they'll be FORCED to either make it themselves from scratch or depend on alt/botscape to get the pieces.

Tbh I'm more surprised that Jagex (and a lot of other people) are surprised it ended up like this.

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