Doric task bug after update

Quick find code: 15-16-403-66073657

Crafty one
Oct Member 2018

Crafty one

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Trying to complete gofannnon amulet tasks (doric’s smithing tasks) but on the 7th smiting task the black guard Warhammer vanishes when I try to crack it on a anvil

Tested on anvil within keldagrim and also the anvil in dorics shop both have the same effect with the hammer vanishing from inventory and bank

Anyone know if there is a workaround for this or any specific anvil that works? :)

Report already sent to jagex

08-Jan-2019 15:15:09

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I'm having the same problem, submitted a bug report but I've never gotten an email back with an update or to confirm there's anything wrong. Noticed it just today too. Just want to post a comment confirming that this isn't just a problem you're experiencing alone.

08-Jan-2019 17:45:22

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i'm on Boric's task 2 and need 1 more Living Rock Brawler, mined all sites several times (longly) but the Brawler doesn't show, ...must be a forgotten issue in the Mining update i guess?
Submitting bug report atm.
the lone

01-Mar-2019 20:01:05

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