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Faeryl NMuth
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Faeryl NMuth

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Quoted from the news release: "You can mine completely AFK if you want to. Rock on!"

No. I can't. Because while I stand there mining, I am being logged out by that 5 minute timer.
Stop lying and remove that thing already. I am accepting the lower xp while I read posts, etc. Stop logging me out.
Elder trees. Uncharted Islands. Now Mining. The timer is obsolete and unnecessary. If you insist on having one, switch it to 30 minutes.

15-Jan-2019 20:03:13

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I mean, you do realize as you're mining that your inventory fills up with ore, so if you're not at least paying some bit of attention, you're just going to be standing around for about 3 mins or so with an inventory full of ore... And you want to increase that to 30 mins? No lmao.

Oh, and by the way, it's that standing around with your inventory full doing nothing that is actually causing you to logout. If you were performing an action, like mining, you wouldn't be logged out.
Here, I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret!

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Boris D
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Boris D

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Do you want to AFK mine or do you want to be rewarded for not playing the game at all? Fill you inventory and be logged out. Or do you just want to generate wealth while you sleep? You are afk mining, just not indefinitely.

15-Jan-2019 20:36:23

David James

David James

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You're taking AFK too literally.

BUT technically you could mine indefinitely AFK after initiating cuz you'd never have to click another rock again.

It just so happens that a separate game mechanic logs you out after 5 mins of inactivity though.

So they weren't lying.... technically.

16-Jan-2019 01:15:01

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I remember a time that if you were AFK you could die by being attacked by some kind of popup monster or be teleported away for a mini game. But I have always pondered this one ?, why are there furnaces that have no anvils and vice versa??? I always found that to be something odd since there are anvils in very odd locations with no banks close etc. You would think that would have been something taken into consideration in this make over

18-Jan-2019 17:33:45

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The rework fallout for Priff thieving is awful. I don't want nor do I need those stone spirits. I liked thieving for the ore and I used it. I don't use the stone spirits, no one buys them, they can't be alched thus, making them worthless to many of us.

Since the ores are still used in the rework I respectfully ask that you put them back in the loot cycle for Priff thieving.

In the meantime I will avoid thieving in Trah because the total take is less than any other section (since I drop most of the loot).

18-Jan-2019 21:20:00



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I vote to cancel the mining and smithing rework in favor of the previous way,, this new version is miserable, no to mention the loss of money I have suffered, value of my hard earned 99 smith has gone to 0 cant make money with 99 smith now,,,

19-Jan-2019 20:18:31



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I hardly doubt i would return to playing runescape after that silly update. Rune ore prices are miserable and with one click mining Jagex really says that it is OK to watch Netflix while your bag is being filled with ore.
If there are any polls to cancel the update, then please post link.

20-Jan-2019 10:25:38

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