rework BAD for invention parts

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Gundam Z 007
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Gundam Z 007

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Before the Mining smithing rework you used to be able to smith adamant scimitars really fast with the breakdown 5 perk to get tons of bladed and subtle components for invention
Now smithing ANYTHING takes forever and gives you 1 piece at the end of it.

Before you can buy 1000 mainhand addy weapons and 1000 off-hand addy weapons at GE totaling 2000 every 4 hours
Now the Salvage parts they replaced with have a 100 buy limit.

Before adamant scimitars were about 4k each, Now they won't buy for 8k each
Nobody is selling metal weapons anymore because they take FOREVER to make.

R.I.P invention components

Jagex should have kept smithing metals Tier rune and below the same and just added the new smithing mechanics to the new metals.

12-Jan-2019 09:11:38

Mad Mazie
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Mad Mazie

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That's what I've been saying.

I think they're planning to address this though by increasing salvage buy limits. 100 seems ridiculously low and unwarranted.

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Yep, same for mithril and steel swords for base parts. There won't be any coming into the game, when the swords were decent afk smithing xp, takes waaaaaay to long now. Not to mention the salvage doesn't even give the same rate for base componenets!

12-Jan-2019 15:29:09

Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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Both salvage and ore spirits have stupidly low buy limits.

Gundam Z 007 said:
Ironmans are completely screwed with this rework since they can't smith for invention components anymore

Also Jagex has decided to skyrocketed shop prices to buy weapons

I did notice they only did that for smithable items. Black, white, etc. did not go up in price. Still a pain, but all the more reason to unlock that white armor shop.
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