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David James said:
-Intended to give no xp, so no support. It's supposed to be profit not xp.

Well then Jagex had better fix the economy then. MW armor is already worth millions less than the supplies it takes to make it.

To make a platebody, it takes almost 28M worth of supplies, my finished plate finally sold at 24M...

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F2p players supposedly can make and use both Strong Mining and Smelting urns. I can make them but I can't use them. I have none in the bank to prevent me using the ones I just made. Another bug for the programmers to look at.

20-Jan-2019 20:11:22

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Immortalized said:
are blacksmith gauntlets supposed to inherit the traits of smithing gauntlets?

i don't tihnk sou's chef gloves inherit cooking gauntlets?

Afaik cooking gauntlets would grant their effect to sous chef, but you actually need to have the the former in your bank then. Vice versa should work without troube (i.e. sous chef rests at diango)
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golden hammer animation does not work. Sent bug report at beginning of month, with very thorough description. No fix yet. JAGEX PLEASE START PLANING FOR A 300Million Account Event.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick find code: 185-186-627-65997434

20-Feb-2019 02:25:19

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