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So far:
Firstly, the app no longer works. Can get on via website, however. This is a major problem, I believe: it simply appears to be opening the app up as you'd expect, but just shows the yellow loading bar at like 1/2cm; lasts for a few milliseconds then sends me back to my phone's home screen. I hope that makes sense. The loading bar doesn't move from empty to half cm, it's already at that distance when trying to open it.

It was fine on initial release, only had this since I actually had time to check out last night, rather than just walking a few steps in ge and taking a commemorative screenshot.

I'm scared to try deleting and reinstalling (like, not uninstalling but just deleting the app icon from home screen) just in case I completely lose access. Can anyone give assurance if this is safe?

Often stuck in lobby.
Frequently freezing
Helluva lot of lag (putting this down to initial release/everything that happened yesterday)
A lot of the time, all I can do is switch between inventory, skills etc. Can't open anything.
Often actions don't register e.g. tried moving items in inventory around.
Mainly trying to do ports. Unable to view resources +visitors.

Basically unable to play due to the frequency of the crashes, but the periods of clarity have been great :)

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Dack Maddy said:
My two problems so far,

1) Needs a home tele button in the minimap

2) A lot less sensitivity moving the camera around

Everything else is great so far, going to try some pvm today

For home telescope, if you hold down either the bag or map icons (can't tell which - my finger is in the way lol) it shows a mini menu of home teles, currency pouch etc.

I'd like to see an option to adjust if vertical/horizontal camera can be inferred vice/versa.

Mine keeps crashing when I manage to get on (app icon is broken and I need to go via browser and "play now" or play store->my games/apps ->either "installed" or "beta" to be able to play.) Well, get into the game. It crashes very frequently so I need to repeat the process of closing and opening again from scratch. It's unplayable. I've only been trying to do ports, which takes ages as a result. No way I could actually do anything other than check in periodically, which is a massive disappointment.

I also saw a popup of the daily challenges screen as it is in-game with the other headers: quests etc. To navigate between. However, I have no idea how it appeared, and I can't find a way to open this or check challenges at all. I'd like to see a similar feature as the home teles added to the quest icon.

I really hope this thread is being looked at, and not just Reddit or Twitter.

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