Shadow Reef Issues

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Seshi Knight
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Seshi Knight

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I love it.
The place looks great!
The bosses are cool and nice mechanics.

But this dungeon is literally nothing but Quality of Looks, and not gameplay.

1. First boss is easy as pie...If you are on a good to great computer, older computers make it nearly impossible to dodge the head slam mechanic. Animation is way.. WAY to delayed due to all of your animated seaweed and crap swimming around. The whole dungeon itself is laggy, but this boss in general is the main issue. You have to many things being animated at the same time in this spot, making ALL animations from everything delayed, if not even shown at times. The Rumble of the screen..? Delayed as well, specially with lag.

2. Third boss is great! But theres 1.. VERY ANNOYING visual bug. If you tilt your camera away from the laser beams, they disappear, and when you make them reappear, THEY ARE BACK IN THE SPOT THEY FIRST DISAPPEARED. "Whats the problem?" If you despawn the particles for more than a second, the laser de-syncs with the animation, turning into a guessing game on where the beam actually is...

Jagex, I know you want to make things look beautiful and awesome and epic. But remember, the quality of the gameplay should be first over the look of gameplay.
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26-Feb-2019 08:20:39

Mikelle X
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Mikelle X

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the place really look great but...
1st and 2nd boss are worthless to kill i mean they have to fix that i mean high level content where max loot is at 1st like 50k and second like 240k which is bad

at ed2 u could make good money at 1st and 2nd boss as well

so please Jagex think abaut making more drops for first 2 bosses

27-Feb-2019 16:32:31

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