Ore Spirits, need adjusting.

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Ethereal199 said:
It'd actually make sense if stone spirits were also available from Seren Spirits and the geodes from mining. Stone spirits should be removed from high level bossing drop tables, but kept on the low/mid-level bossing and slayer monster drop tables, but with some re-balancing, as no one likes getting coal stone spirits as a drop.

Stone spirits from the Seren Spirits would be dropped depending on which table you land on the RDT. The gem table should give T1 to T50 stone spirits, the rare table T60 to T90 stone spirits, and the super rare table T80 to T90 stone spirits in a larger quantity.

For the geodes, stone spirits should match what tier rocks give the respective geode. So, T1 to T50 stone spirits should be available from Sedimentary geodes, T60 to T90 stone spirits from Igneous geodes, and a higher quantity of T80 to T90 stone spirits from Metamorphic geodes. The supply of T90 stone spirits are severely lacking right now, while low tier spirits are so numerous and hardly anyone is using them.

support af, this is a good idea

it would drastically help people leveling mining as well bc they could accumulate high quanities of banite and amnica, necrite and phasmite spirits as they mine etc
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