Patch Notes - 07/08

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Fire Hawk154

Fire Hawk154

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Happy with the DG changes, thanks :)

Hopefully you can look at the boss levels next, most of them are killed in just a few hits.
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07-Aug-2017 11:41:54

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Little thing I noticed.... world 117 and world 103 are both east cost 1 .... ( why not have a 3? ) ... or something?
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07-Aug-2017 11:45:35

Captain Tree
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Nice! Still waiting with eagerness for the Morytania medium trek achievement fix though. :P
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07-Aug-2017 11:50:40

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Jollydylan said:
Thanks :)

For sure that was my post and my post location. I saw it with my very own eyes.

Did you took over my post? How? and Why?

One more time to RS

Thanks :)

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