Patch Notes - 07/08

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The Dungeoneering and Sinkholes maps will now stay open while playing, and will dynamically update as players move between rooms.-----

How bloody stupid is this^^^
I mean, the screen is so small, the colours are all wrong, (what was wrong with the colours on the 'old' map?) You can't change it's position, and it is just in the way.

A question? How do you come up with these ideas? Do you sit at a bloody great 32 inch screen or two, or do you play it on a; mobile phone?, a 15 inch screen, or even a 17 inch screen???

We now have to have an action bar up for our spells, (what was wrong with the old way?) one for our chat, one for our map, (in normal game) one for our skills, one for our bag....... and now you add yet another totally useless addition, because why? Did some idiot just think: "This looks cool, let's put this in..."

My whole point here is that things that were working fine as they were, why change things?
Learning how to 'code xhtml & css and such', screen size does matter. I used to try it on different screen sizes to get the best average, but this tiny useless addition, was chosen for whatever reason, to just frustrate and bamboozle long time players.

A new player coming in to the game sees nothing different, but the 'back-bone' of your membership, is just ignored. IMHO, the wasted time doing this and other seemingly useless things, should be time spent on doing the bank rework, or creating slots in bank with heaps of pre-sets for different activities/modes/bosses. 1 click loading for say, Mage set-up for different bosses, or different melee outfits for others, and another for ranged. You could even have slots for skilling, such as the outfits used for mining, smithing, wc, divination, with all their extra outfits, auras, or tools you have, etc..... We have limited, very limited access atm, but we only get about 5 slots, with another 5 to buy.... There are 27 skill tabs and 3 styles of combat, with all their variations, dual or single wield etc..
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10-Aug-2017 00:28:24

1m The Chad
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Star SAN said:
1m The Chad said:
After this update my action bar is showing my summoning spell points as 60/60 with a green bar as opposed to showing my summoning points as 99/99 with a blue bar as it had for ages. Is there any way for me to change it back?

Click on 60/60 and it'll toggle back to 99/99 (blue bar) ;)

You're a hero, thanks

10-Aug-2017 01:03:05

Pvm Togepi
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Pvm Togepi

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Awesome fixes guys as always one thing i can recomend for when you guys do clan updates i recomend for it to be possible for owners and dept owners to check the reasources capped in citidels without world hopping to each and every world to check if a promotion is inorder for other clan members or not. i feel that would help out leaders wanting to grow a clan bigger and more people wanting to join a clan. Just a idea to a problem we have seen. Thanks.

14-Aug-2017 04:27:34



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Hello Jagex employees! Your respectful and honorable friend kys69 here! Just wanted to let you know you guys messed up CLW PVP, when walking bleeds you lose all adren,aswell as fights in multi being super messed up losing adren outta no where!!!. Anyway just wanted to let you guys know!

ps: i've been spreading nothing but good cheer and faith among my fellow gillynor brethren.

14-Aug-2017 14:14:14 - Last edited on 14-Aug-2017 14:44:24 by kys69

God of Achto

God of Achto

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You guys messed up clan wars pvp, If you go out of combat aka (walking someones snipe) you lose adren. If you walk under someone to force them to walk a bleed you lose your adren. Just revert the adrenaline system to previous or make it like wilderness.

14-Aug-2017 14:17:56

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