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Is it worth 200 for a chance at Huge?
Whatís the odds does anyone know?

I literally just want the red hat. Although Iím saving a for 500 for blue. Is it worth it?

14-Mar-2019 15:46:57

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If you want profit the small parcel is likely the better choice for you. Huge parcels exist in theory, but don't expect it to be seen. The sole non-cosmetic reward of large parcels are proteans: Basically either you use them - or they're useless to you. Small and medium parcels always give you something to earn a few coins from if it's no cosmetic.

If you want cosmetics it might be an option since it contains a 6 transmogrification rings and an handful of wearable cosmetics - but if you're unlucky you'll end up with those aforementioned proteans.

If you safely want cosmetics - buy them directly for stamps, they're no longer part of any parcel and can only be obtained that way.
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