Patch Notes - 20/03

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When will we be able to receive a proper PvP update, regarding Bounty Hunter? It was released full of flaws, no fixes whatsoever, broken system, broken emblem droprate, also the game in terms of PvP is extremely RNG based when it comes to combo's. Tendril damage (66%-500% dmg) , this is not a system of skill, but a system of who will get more lucky when the game rolls the dice.
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20-Mar-2017 11:00:40

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Great update
(Except for arc cause buckling down to players nagging for the set is something you shouldn't need to do, warpriest exists and its easier to get so I see no reason for players to complain about high armour of hanto being th only).

20-Mar-2017 11:02:26

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