Patch Notes - 20/03

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Recursion93 said:
Other players followers can still be clicked on in the Java client, despite the "hide familiar options" setting being enabled. It has been like this for like 3 weeks now, while it has been fixed in NXT for weeks already. Thank you for neglecting Java client users Jagex..

They did state that they're phasing out support for Java.

Pretty soon the Java users are going to have to update from a potato to an actual PC/Laptop or they'll just have to move to old-school. ;D
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20-Mar-2017 14:13:15

Robin DGrave
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Robin DGrave

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14/03, 15:00 UTC: Prevented players with less than 250 total skill levels from changing their display name in game.

Explains the 22 level 3 accounts cooking trout in w2 L O L Gotta love rare name snipers

20-Mar-2017 14:18:07

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yggdrsil said:
Anyone else think the runesphere tele tablets are a little overpriced for 2k points?

I agree, though fortunately it doesn't matter really since the Abyss is really the only way to go if you want to craft at altars. I only had to buy the blood altar teleport so I could (finally) complete the Morytania task.

20-Mar-2017 14:47:18

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