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I know this isn't that big of a deal, but it is kind of interesting to me. I just did an Aviansies slayer task, and the drops now are terrible. Out of 120 Aviansies killed, the only things of use I received were about 120ish Adamantite Stone Spirit's. No more adamant drops, maybe some runes too but nothing useful, or no amount that is useful. 1-2 isn't worth picking up.

So has anyone else noticed drops/drop rate changes since the Mining/Smithing rework?

I'd be interested to see now. Also, I feel if these are going to continue to be assigned, you should probably re-check drop rates for slayer tasks that are given. Especially with the price of the Stone Spirit's crashing.

It appears monsters in general do not drop anything of value. Jagex has set a price they think will hold on these items, and used them as main drops for monsters. It appears as if all the new drops are crashing. It's basically useless junk that we are being given now, and 10 different names for one type of metal junk. Different sizes is very annoying. Regardless, all drops need to be looked over, because with crashing prices, we are being set very far back in the gp making department. All the equipment I had I was given rune tokens? Like cmon. That's crazy.

- For a game that is so large, as Runescape is, I feel as if this update was rushed, even though it took forever to come out. I've been playing for many years, and thank goodness I have 99 Mining/Smithing. Drop tables are all over the place. There was no consistency kept for drops. All Stone Spirits are crashing, and are pretty much worthless. I've heard you can't even sell certain ones for 1gp each.. Then we are stuck with 20 different types of blunt/huge/tiny/small/medium salvages. I really don't think this was thought through properly. Also the amount of time it takes to actually smith a piece of armor is crazy in my mind. I know everyone will have their own opinions, but I haven't seen anything pleasing about this update.

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Salvages were made to replace armour and weapon drops. Can either disasemble them or alch them. Really is that simple.

Armour that's smithed also gives a ton more experience. Elder Rune +5 gives 80k alone. Making it into burial gives another 80k. And that's also not accounting taking it from base to +5 if you don't just buy +5.

Stone spirits are going to be addressed later, once the market settles. TBH, it'd be better short term if they'd just increase buy limits, but they can't do that without restarting the servers, so it'd be monday at the earliest.

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I guess I was just more going into a rant than anything. My concerns are real though, as we have all seen many updates over the years that we can't control, and really have no say over. Remember the years of the trade limits? What a nightmare. I've just seen Jagex stiff us so many times over the years to benefit their own agenda, that I worry that regardless of all the issues we've found with these new updates, we will be the ones to suffer. The paying customers will suffer. I'm afraid all the updates in the past that I speak of, were not inadvertent.

I've heard issues with everyone not being compensated for items removed during this update, which is unfair. We pay to play this game, they don't pay us to play it. So to do that to a customer, seems to be terrible customer service. We've had these issues in the past, and they just let it happen. Now, maybe there is a new crew at Jagex, that has come in the last several years, and that would be great if they truly did care, but speaking from past experience, we will be the ones suffering, because they decided we needed a new update to mining and smithing. Or it will take years for them to correct the situation.

Also as a side note, I think the removal of coal as the main mixing material, seems to be very upsetting. I know myself, and other had quite a stockpile of coal (not that it was that expensive), that is now pretty much useless. It's just very frustrating spending all these years to get to a certain point, and then to have them completely change it up. I haven't done enough smithing yet or mining since the update, so you will know more than me, but so far from what I have done, I am not happy. I will do more research though before completely cutting myself off from mining and smithing.

I guess we will see where all the prices start to settle, and at this time, it isn't promising. Perhaps you are correct, and if the buy limits are increased, we will be seeing some steady holding prices, or maybe rising.

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Was gonna make my own thread and have a rant but guess ill do it here... ;)

92 Runite stone spirit kill @ solak = 69,612k kill.

Get this the fuck off solak drop table... So troll...

Literally replace it with something half decent like grapevine seeds.

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