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This week we're changing the details of the Planted Feet perk somewhat to bring it both closer in-line with its intended design - lengthening the duration of your damage boost ultimate at a trade-off - whilst embracing the way in which the community adopted the perk.


The duration of Sunshine, Death's Swiftness and Berserk is increased by 25%, but the positive effect is reduced by 20%.

The intention with Planted Feet was to create a perk that let you choose to have a longer version of one of the ultimates it affected and therefore shuffle your rotation around such that you got to boost the damage of more abilities, just to a lesser extent.

Unfortunately, you could gain the increased duration without any negative consequence by switching to a weapon without the perk. This was a design flaw which we've been figuring out the best course of action for.

While getting this buff without any cost was against the spirit of the perk, we are quite fond of switch-weapons making a bit of a return.


The duration of Sunshine and Death's Swiftness is increased by 25%, but they no longer deal periodic damage to your target.

The new trade-off is a smaller deal. You'll notice though we've cut Berserk from the perk, a decision we don't make lightly, but found we were unable to find a way to work in a cost for that ability whilst still keeping the perk easily comprehensible.

Note: changing weapon does not bring the periodic damage back, but also doesn't reduce the duration of either ultimate.

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Mark Antony
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Mark Antony

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Seems a reasonable trade off without making it useless.
Although yeah zerk gets screwed. Could make it slightly smaller boost for zerk.

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That's hardly a penalty, while the additional damage is nice, nobody uses it for that (especially in team bosses where it's already negated).

If anything, this is just legitimizing how OP it is in the current state. Not to mention, it's still a full weapon switch.

I stand by my argument that the best way to fix this is to increase the cooldown as well, similar to turtling.
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quite saddened berserk has been nerfed with it. You only did it so the description didn't have to include an extra part for berserk? Melee is limited enough at bosses so I don't think it would be unfair to leave how it was for it.

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Why not increase the duration of berserk and reduce the damage taken as well in exchange for less damage dealt or is that still not able to be reflected in code?

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Awesome, this is a nice compromise.

After having a think as to how you could bring melee back into this perk, would it be possible to have a melee ultimate ability in the same fashion as Deaths Swiftness and Sunshine?

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