Patch Notes - 04/12

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Raven Rogues
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Raven Rogues

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And yet the known banana-puzzle glitch that makes Do No Evil rather impossible is not on this list sadly. Is it so hard to fix the huge clickbox that makes you pick the green banana's up again?
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04-Dec-2017 14:08:33

Good Nap
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Good Nap

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unlock the lil tuzzy and krar jnr pet is a very bad add... especially the last one, given it's rarity and friend chats organized to sell it :(
Please review the chances of the spawning krar and please add the chance to drop lil tuzzy outside every-other-day loot.

In addition: why I have to tag again 30 pillars in the brimhaven agility arena ? I did that achievement already :(

04-Dec-2017 14:11:58

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