Superheat Item - Bug/Oversight

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L S Demeanor
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L S Demeanor

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I'm not sure if this was an intended outcome of the M&S Rework; however, I believe that I have discovered something and am unsure if I will take heat for using this, so a response would be greatly appreciated.

Are we now allowed to superheat bars and smelt them simultaneously, or was this an oversight?

•Keybind superheat item spell on an action bar slot
•Remove an ore that you're going to smelt down to bars for spell
•Wearing smithing gloves (old goldsmithing gloves) smelt bars normally from the new interface (click on an ore to smelt and then press begin project)
•While smelting bars, superheat the ores.

I am hoping that since the xp for smelting bars is so terrible that this isn't an oversight. Thank you for your time.

13-Jan-2019 08:43:22

Spiff Capt
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Spiff Capt

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I don't think that's new.
I remember years ago smelting gold at a furnace and at the same time superheating ores from my invo. As long you didnt try to superheat too fast, get the timing right, it worked. It probably still works that way in osrs.

-- Spiffy --

13-Jan-2019 10:56:09

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