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So, Jagex messed up the initial release of Masterwork with a bug that prevented people that custom-fit their Masterwork from augmenting it.

Some of us tried to circumvent the bug by Augmenting their Masterwork AND THEN custom-fitting.

However, this seems to not be possible.

Jagex, allow us to custom-fit Augmented Masterwork. I don't see why this shouldn't be possible, especially considering many people probably have the same issue.

Since it was impossible to augment Masterwork that had been custom-fit, it is perfectly reasonable for people to think they should augment first, before custom-fitting.

Or at least allow us to remove augmentations from 100% Masterwork so we can custom-fit and then augment it properly, since the only reason this is an issue is because of a bug.
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12-Jan-2019 16:55:29

Lego Miester
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The issue I had was that when I equipped masterwork/trimmed, I couldn't upgrade or augment it anymore. Using it on my repair stand and an anvil respectively repaired them to where I could use them for those purposes again. Thank goodness, it gave me a heart attack.

So you're saying you augmented it first, then tried to custom fit it? I could have sworn he said when I talked to him you could do that and all the perks would stay intact.
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12-Jan-2019 23:36:14

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