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Your system in to which you respond to players is pathetic and leave no way of them actually coming to you with problems.

1 of my accounts is bugged and cant log in.

Another one of my rs3 accounts is banned for botting on osrs, when it has never once logged into osrs.

I've paid hundreds of dollars to jagex over the years and the service your giving back is abysmal.

Wrongly denied use of 2 accounts, without breaching terms and conditions.

Unless fixed, I want every single month of membership I've ever paid back.

20-Jan-2019 01:24:23

Swift Punch1
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Swift Punch1

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Sorry to hear you're having issues, but the only way to contact Jagex really is by using the support link at the top of the website, or by getting a massively popular twitter/reddit post that catches tons of attention. Goodluck.

20-Jan-2019 02:35:13

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