Smithing arrowheads takes ages

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Support - Although, I think the Mining/Smithing rework in general needs to be re looked at, and a different approach taken. It appears to be a failure in my eyes.

13-Jan-2019 23:34:08

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JediTokeTHC said:
No support seeing how the long time will help rune arrowsretain value. if we could smith arrows fast the price would go down.

Rune arrowheads are already dropped from the RDT hundreds at a time, if you want to retain value for those then the RDT is what you want to change first :P

Anyway, my suggestion is to make the smithing of arrowheads less tedious in terms of timing, they don't need to be smithed faster, but we should be able to smith multiple sets at a time. It's more a QOL change for ironmen rather than for F2p'ers that want to smith for 20 hours to buy a bond :)

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