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"Adamant dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon now have the same chance to drop lore books as the adamant dragons in the Ancient Cavern."

I do not recall that they are in Ancient Cavern :o

-update- Found it :)

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Ani Elydda
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Recursion93 said:
Apparently engine fixes don't count as bug fixes, as the bug where you could left click on other players familiars was fixed, but the fix isn't mentioned here. Anyways, thanks for fixing it.

Oh gooood, I didn't see it in the post and was like "wtf you said you were fixing it".
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this is absolute garbage . it's hard enough to get the salty title . to have us baited d so long for it to grab it back and make it unavailable is preposterous ! the is really bad form ladies and gents , it clearly wasn't thought through well enough , lest fix it before it gets outta hand ?
thank you

28-Mar-2017 01:10:31

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An aggressive mugger near the earth altar has been removed.

Nooooo my favorite mugger. thefeels

get rid of that scum near cammy castle, he literally wanders all the way behind the castle and gets stuck there. and you're left wondering how he got there and find you can get back there for some meaningless reason and waste your time.
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Lady Ashtah said:
I have level t85 augmented port gear and t90 weapons. I have no interest in t70 Hanto armour and useless t70 weapons that are hella expensive and will never ever be used by me. *sigh* Talk about fail.......

Oh, and FY for a level 107 invention requirement on a freakin' ring.

This person should be banned instantly, having no respect for the developers...!

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