Problems with smelting gold

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Not sure if itís an intended issue or not but there are currently two problems when smelting gold jewlery;

1. Alchemical onyx necklaces

You canít currently smelt an Alchemical onyx necklace using gold bars stored in your metal bank, even though you can make an Alchemical onyx ring this way, you have to manually remove the gold bars into your inventory to smelt them.

2. Making more jewlery than available bars in metal bank

The other issue iíve found is for example you want to smelt multiples of an item but donít have the req bars in metal bank it doesnít smelt all of them even with the rest of the bars in your inventory.

An example of this is I have found is if you want to make 10 alchemical onyx rings, you have all 10 gold bars needed for this but you only have 2 stored in your metal bank & the other 8 are in your inventory (after having bought them from the ge or retrieved from your bank) the slider on the smelting interface detects all 10 bars, but when you go to smelt them it will only make 2 then stop. Even if you added the bars to the metal bank, it will still only make 2 unless you decrease the slider and then increase it again, or close the entire interface and reopen it.

Iím not sure if bug applies to other jewlery that you can smelt or not I havenít had the chance to test it!

13-Jan-2019 07:26:27

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