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I think something needs to change in regards to how PVM works because it feels like a dictator of this game which holds everything non PVM in it hostage at times. It seems it's almost expected at this point for it to just shit out money non stop based on the comments complaining about how the M&S overhaul has chipped what's probably a fraction out of what PVM has always made in the grand scheme of things.

The rewards for PVM should be the rares drops which is where the bulk of the money is and not resources where the main source should logically be via skilling although then we run into the issue of risk/reward.

I don't know if there's any reasonable compromise for this particular scenario given that mining and smithing are predominantly non combat skills and thus should be the main focus in regards to being the main source - not PVM so removing ores/bars from the drop tables makes sense and has done the two skills a great benefit.

If/when (although almost certiainly when) there is consideration for a future skill rework I think, to avoid choosing one aspect of the community over the other like has happened here, that Jagex should try to determine if the main source of the materials required should either be via non combat means or through combat.

If it's chosen to be through combat this should I think, in theory, mean that drop tables could be the main source thus could potentially make it profitable for the PVM community while also, at the same time, giving the skilling community a provider to which the skilling community would be a consistent buyer in order to make use of these materials.

The only issue with this is that it will have growing pains because the rework for M&S took a few years. Whereas another rework that may do something like that would take years from now until it comes to fruition, someone mentioned crafting in a thread on the future game updates section working something like that.

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Rikornak said:

Nor do I but the PVM community seems to think otherwise and, to some degree, I do agree but in that same breath I am extremely anxious about the situation as I suspect they'd be more than happy for things to return to how they were pre rework - despite the implications that would have for the rework itself and the good it's done the skilling community.

It also doesn't help my anxiety of the current situation that Jagex seems to give preferential treatment to PVM over any other aspects of the game, hence my dictator comparison - personally I am not looking forward to Monday because I think Jagex is going to fuck it up in favour of PVM once again.

I've saw a suggestion a day or two ago where the idea of increasing the cap on these spirits could help but a day later I saw a counter arguement against that saying it would lead to it affecting prices of ores due to the double chance etc. after a period of time. So I'm a bit on the fence with that proposal but at the same time it would avoid putting ores/bars back on drop tables so..

As long as Jagex does not add ores/bars to the drop tables again and somehow manages to negotiate this in a manner which doesn't overly give preference to one side of the community over the other, it could maybe work. But, like I said, mining and smithing are predominantly non combat skills so, logically speaking, they should be the main sources in the game for those respective materials and items.

Other than maybe tweaks being made to spirits I don't honestly see any other workable compromise for this particular situation without running the risk of completely voiding the rework and, as a result, Jagex wasting their time even bothering with it.

As for PVM being solely about rare drops? That's what I meant by the risk/reward issue. But I do think it's almost expected by the PVM community now for it to just shit out money like a never ending printing machine.

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As am I it has, without a doubt, breathed new life into two skills that were mind numbing to do and also harboured a highly competitive atmosphere (which the the removal of depletable ores got rid of and replaced it with a more social one).

If those are the only reasonable options available then I would have to say increasing the cap because, while you say it would be temporary until a more realistic solution is found, we have no idea how long that would take by which time the damage would already be done.

So given how it worked for more than a decade with PVM just pumping bars and ores into the game due to the staggering comparison to what skilling could meagrely do led to the the issue that did arise - which this rework appears to have fixed; that will only put it back to how it was before the rework while having it in the live game.

In a way I kind of meant that too but I can see how it would appear due to how I worded it. This is what I was referring to in that, currently, there doesn't seem to be much of a compromise for the PVM side of this given that mining and smithing are predominantly non combat skills.

But that if say crafting was reworked at some point in the future I think there's a very good chance that combat could, logically speaking, be the main source in the game of the materials required for that (whatever they would be) thus giving a money maker to the PVM community which, in turn, would give the skilling community a provider to which the skilling community would be the consistent buyer (so long as other non combat skills can fund it).

This is an interesting situation that Runescape is in, reworks of existing skills hold the potential of balancing sources of money out for different playstyles eventually but it will not be a fast process - so there will be growing pains. Rushing to balance out something that isn't exactly easy to balance could ruin this opportunity before it even had a chance to grow.

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Just a quick thought that came to mind. These stone spirits are on the RDT correct?

If so, what probably doesn't help, is that those of us with a grace of the elves necklace (which almost everyone who can afford one is absolutely using at light/dark animica ores due to the 500 porter charges) are getting these same stone spirits as well. So what's the point in buying them if we're also getting them while mining?


Even if Jagex changes the drops I'm pretty sure we'll still also get the same items as well while mining just like how we are now due to how grace of the elves works.

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