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friezeepoppp said:
yes, i am also sad to see stone spirit drops from my gwd2/araxxi solos, the coal drops pre rework had some value to me because i would use it to superheat rune/addy, or at artisans workshop, now coal is used for neither of those things... and the runite/addy ore drops also had value when i high alched the smithed pieces,

the 12 rune stone spirit drop at gwd2 needs to be replaced with either ~100 rune stone spirits, or 30-40 bane stone spirits, and the coal stone spirits drop replaced with somthing completely different, there are lots of lower level monsters for combat 40 players to collect coal spirits they have no place in high lv boss tables, right now this is a joke

My two cents on the above is:
(1) Reduce the overall quantity of stone spirits dropped

(2) Replace some stone spirits, specially adamant, coal and gold with luminite and other higher level ores. Specially luminite because in a way it replaces coal and whereas there is an abundance of coal in the game at the moment, there is shortage of luminite.

Also I am getting huge amounts of gold spirits from goedies, and I dont do gold, neither can i sell them.
Also some coal rocks in living rock caverns can be replaced with luminte and drakolite, and other secondary ores with appropriate requirements.

12-Jan-2019 07:05:42

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