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There appears to be a hole in the rework. For those components previously obtained by mass smithing and disassembly, there is no replacement - salvage drops from mobs doesn't cut it.

What appears to be needed is this:
1) a "salvage smithing" option - you choose the same item as normal under the new layout but
it turns out the equivalent salvage item.
2) This would be quick to smith but use the same ores as standard but also only give low xp -
5-10% of standard smithing

Just an idea.

13-Jan-2019 08:08:04

Lego Miester
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Buying the largest salvage you can worked adequately when I needed subtle components for extra springs. The buy limit NEEDS TO BE RAISED MASSIVELY, but can be softened by buying several different types of the same type of salvage. (so if you needed bladed salvage, buying small/medium/large steel/mith/addy etc.)

Someone also gave the idea that, rather than so many stone spirits (which need bigger buy limits, damn it!) some bosses could drop items that could be smithed quickly into salvage. On reflection though, them just dropping more salvage seems the easier solution there.
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Uncle Pob

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Rikornak said:
I would support it if smithed salvage is automatically disassembled (so you couldn't create it for alching or selling)

Yes, from the sounds of it a person crafting a "Smithed Salvage" item would simply spend his bars to create an item which is never recieved as an item, but instantly disassembled at 100% completion.

That's an amazingly good idea.

The benefit of this is the time it takes to make the item does not need to necessarily match the time it would take to smith a *usable* item of the same type; it can be much quicker. XP values could even be reduced, so that this mechanic doesn't become competitive with regular smithing for XP rates.

Plugging in a few random numbers to illustrate:

If an item would usually take maybe 3 minutes to smith and reward 3000xp along with the smithed item, a "Smithed Salvage" version could take 1 minute to smith, reward 500xp, and the item(s) you recieve would be the same as what you might get from dismantling an actual item of that type (randomized the same).

The impact on the game is that bars would exit the game faster than they currently do, and bars would be bought by players in larger quantities for the purposes of obtaining the various components available via this method. This would also result in the value of ores/bars increasing because of the extra demand.

We cannot rely on oversupply to pump enough of the needed completed items into the economy otherwise. High-tier items like Elder Rune Platebodies will of course exist in large numbers, but who will be pumping-out Adamantite Spears or other lower-tier items? - basically nobody; so aside from meticulously making those yourself at a slow pace, there is no other way to obtain components from those except via this proposed method.

13-Jan-2019 09:34:13

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Thank Uncle Pob, you've very nicely expanded my idea. I originally posted once I had the idea just to make sure it didn't slip away, just knew it felt right.

Another benefit is for iron/hc, they cannot buy salvage as it stands and are stuck without access to the "raw" materials for disassembly.

13-Jan-2019 10:24:43

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