PSA: AFK 5-10M Gp/Hr

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Its not really afk because you still have to click the bar every 60 seconds and you only need 12 bars to make a full set so I doubt there will be a big market for them. Yes to need to fold it 1001 times but its still only 60 folds per click. If you want real afk for money then just add 500 charges to neckless and afk one of the top ores and only need to click every 5 mins. Even without the neckless you can just use normal porters and or ore box.

Its not even 12 bars because if you do your own mining you can get ready made bars in the geodes.

09-Jan-2019 12:54:30

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alright if you're a skiller I guess but not amazing gp, terrible xp and not that afk, I'd go with something else if you're not dead set on smithing

11-Jan-2019 18:02:13

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