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Elf Paladin said:
Honestly it's the most boring looking armor of the rework. Isn't this the badass t92 power armor? It's it supposed to be the most bad ass looking armor too?

Looks pretty great to me: an actual set of plate armour that isn’t painted black and covered in spikes with non-realistic plate sizes like every other high level melee armour in the game.

Shooter Mann said:
the new armors are all ugly and underwelming.

a regular suit of steel or rune looks better than both elder rune and masterwork. the designs are poor.

Which is why I’ve had steel stuff keepsaked since keepsakes came out.
Bout to upgrade to a TMW set.
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I like the way masterwork looks kinda, even though im usually not a fan of bulky armors but it looks fierce.

They did a good job on all the new armors, elder rune looks cooler than the old stuff.
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I have the opposite opinion OP. I think Masterwork is the absolute best looking armour in the entire game! It’s so much more realistic looking than most of the garbage designs in Runescape. They did an excellent job with it. My second favorite set is Torva. Not because of its realism, but because it reminds me of the Nazgul in Lord of the rings movie.

While on the subject, I am thrilled with their decision to drop the Beta armour Aetherium, and replace it in game with Elder Rune for many reasons. First and foremost, it continues the lore sort of speak of Rune being about the best smithable regular armour in game. This is important to me and I am so happy they achknowledged this. This is “Runescape” afterall, not “Aetheriumscape” Also, in my opinion, Elder Rune just looks way better to me than the Aetherium armour does. For those gamers that prefer unrealistic, impractical armour designs such as Aetherium, they can purchase the cosmetic override from the AW respect shop. Another great reason for switching to Elder Rune was the effect it has on free player smithing. By requiring rune bars as an ingredient to Elder Rune bars, the demand for Rune bars will still be in game. This gives the F2P base a market to sell their Rune bars. Without this, Rune bars would have been completely obsolete.

If I had any say on the development of the new metal tiers, then about the only thing I may have changed would have been Mithril. In the early days of Runescape before years of powercreep, mithril held a relevant place in meleee armour. And it did so while maintaining some of the lore from outside of runescape paying homage to its original design given by Tolkien, strong, sharp, lightweight etc. Perhaps, in future content, Mithril will be able to be reforged with dark and light animica to create some specialty high tier “Elder mithril” blades. Perhaps to be used as the weapon counterpart to Masterwork armour or something.

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I hate how female characters got completely shafted with all the new armor sets.
Just lazy re-scale of the male mesh, rather than unique gender specific meshes like ALL the original armor sets have.

01-Feb-2019 23:40:09

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