New login music???

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Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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I had kept the login music off so I didn't notice. This is good stuff. Sounds like an orchestral remix of the main theme, probably on the soundtrack they released around September?

edit: You're right, there's more than one! I distinctly recognize "A Hero's Return" off that soundtrack.
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Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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The new orchestral soundtrack is the login screen/lobby music.

It starts with "RuneScape Theme", and if you let it play to the end it plays "A Hero's Return" and possibly others if you wait until the end of that.

These don't seem to be available as in-game tracks, so right now if you want to play with this music your best option (if you haven't bought the album) is to have a YouTube playlist on repeat in a browser tab in the background.

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