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Honestly this rework was thrash.. first of all my bank is totally ruined, I lost millions of gp and you replaced my items by item token so I can just go and buy them again.. you guys have lost your minds.. refund my membership lmao..

07-Jan-2019 14:22:39



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Well you killed mining, Jagex. What is the point of all those ores, now, if you just sit in front of one, like a bot, and fill your inventory?

Like the OP said, you also killed the investments of many. Luckily I saw what a mistake this was going to be, weeks ago, and sold over 200k ore. Runite is already crashing.

I've said this before, and in this move it is even more apparent: You seem to miss the point of your own game. You seem to think that people just want to get stuff easy, with no competition, with no challenge. That is not how people are. The fundamental excitement over this game is because you have to fight to get stuff, win stuff, and it hurts because you lose stuff. If you just hand it to them... us... it might be fun for a few weeks, but after that, what is the point?

You may as well just hand a few billion gp to everyone... a few million ore... and walk away. But of course, that would be boring as crap.

... as mining is, now. Pointless.

07-Jan-2019 14:56:04

Siege Fred
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This thing has been in beta for an eternity, I think you guys should of seem this coming a long time ago, the changes aren’t exactly a secret.

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Oh well what can i say for starters why try and fix some thing that is not all ready broken as this is exactly what jagex have done with the mining and smithing re-work. A skill that was once fun now requires some kind of degree to now do. I have spent the last hour trying to figure it out and i have only succeeded to make bars and bank bars and not managed to turn the bars in to anything. So it looks like i will just have to accept i will not be getting higher than lvl 99 smithing. The directions for smithing are not very good it would have been better if jagex had made a youtube giving a demonstration of how every thing works but hay that would be to easy. I am now begging to think is it worth me paying for a game that is slowly becoming more and more less user friendly.

07-Jan-2019 15:44:31



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So agree with everyone here. You've done a nice job on the mining. Not so boring but ruined and already hard skill to level. Smithing takes unbelievebly long with minimal reward. 35xp per month bar it's now 7. I was doing gold ore with gold gauntlets 56xp per bar now each gold bar is 7xp what the hell...
Also too about 2 mins for 1 steel bar into nails and 5 mins for a month chestplate. Serious. Revert this please ruined it big time.

07-Jan-2019 16:04:47

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