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Mining rework is good, and I stopped training and have waited for it since hearing about it a few years ago. I started the rework with 91 Mining/101 Smith, and this is great for the skill now. The new system and ores are all good, but I was expecting way more rewards for "paying attention" since you were claiming it constantly for the last 2 years.

Smithing, on the other hand, is a horrible update.::
*Smithing now matches real life Smithing and it "feels" good.

*Smelting takes way too long now, but that is not that big of an issue.
*The ore bank is stupid af. The concept that you *can* store ore in there is nice, but this update literally forces you to put it all inside to use it effectively. The ore boxes should be able to be right-clicked and you can see what is inside the ore bank. Ore bank/Ore Box/Player Bank should all be connected somehow. I tried making some stuff a few times and had to go to a furnace and see what is there and then travel back to G.E. to buy stuff. Buying in bulk to prepare now is annoying that you have to go inspect ore bank to see what you need.
*Alching is completely ruined.
*The profits are messed up too. Making Elder bars now are like 3-4x the previous Rune bar profit, but the prices of the individual items is tanking in price. Have to wait for prices to balance out to see if that is ruined too.
*Portable Forge is gone, which would've fixed the issue with going to a furnace. Port.Forge could've just been stripped of the extra make item feature and stuff instead of being taken out [rip Portable Forge 2014-2019].
*Coal bag is removed and essentially replaced with the Ore box, so not that bad. The Autoheater is a complete joke though, and no real use for it.
*The Smelting Gauntlets don't work with the Blacksmith Outfit, and the 2% xp is lost.

Basically, Mining is great imo, but Smithing is literally broken now and I have talked to many people that don't want to train Smithing anymore because of the update.

10-Jan-2019 18:17:14

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Alching isn’t ‘ruined.’ Salvage alches for about as much as the drops replaced by them. Given that alching generally was done on drops and not products, we should see little change to alching in the long run.

Support for Smelting gauntlets counting as part of the Blacksmiths outfit though (like cooking gauntlets and the chief outfit).

10-Jan-2019 19:12:19

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