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I can't lie, I was very sad to see that the POH section of the Game Jam was something about POH contracts. While that's an interesting idea, I just think it further neglects updates to the POH like being able to rearrange the rooms without having to destroy/rebuild them, and even simple things like minor graphical updates (such as not having throne room benches clipping through the walls). I'm just really disappointed that the POH update turns out to be contracts and not actual POH content.
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27-Apr-2018 03:24:35

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Well at least our instanced POH won't look like a flat surface anymore and more like a floating island. Thought that's pretty cool. An entire graphical rework seems too demanding on Jagex's behalf, considering construction content is from 2006 and no one ever "visits" houses anymore other than a few within the community, using it as a gold sink to show off.

Remember that they try to keep the skill as functional as possible, and having a unique way to train it is alright as that will gradually spark more interest in it. Let me put it this way: no one is forced to build a fancy outdated 2006 house, pouring millions out of their money pouch, but everyone wants to gain the xp, so that they can reap the skill's benefits (quest, max, artisan capes, altars, menagerie, etc.).

Oldschool has done a cool thing with POHs, though that's cause graphics and code-wise it's a lot easier from what I remember. Here though they'd have to rewrite everything basically, which could prove catastrophic from a resource perspective, putting it above other updates.

Even though it's a skill with a lot of potential, it's just that the more it gets older the more it'll get ignored entirely, falling into the same basket as minigames etc. At least the idea of construction updates sits well with the community, judging from the support its developer received for the Game Jam project. Over time Jagex should slowly keep improving the skill, though the way they'd do it could be more outside the box-ish oriented than we'd expect.
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27-Apr-2018 09:15:27

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Well, I've finally got around to watching the (brief) segment about construction contracts in the GameJam Recap video. I like the idea of the contracts, but found the actual implementation a little dull.

As presented, you are given a contract, go to the prebuilt house, and build the appropriate furniture in the appropriate open hotspots....

...But that's all you can do...

...Just build the specific items of furniture in the specific hotspots. You are told exactly what to build, where to build it, using what materials, and it's ticked off when you've done. It's all very prescriptive and lacks any kind of player engagement. There is no thought, no puzzle-solving, no deduction, no decision making, no possibility of failure, and no real gameplay of any kind.

- Construct furniture A in slot A.
- Construct furniture B in slot B.
- Construct furniture C in slot C.
- Collect reward.
- Repeat.

Now, I'm all in favour of there being a variety of skilling methods giving players a choice of how they interact and train the skills, but if all we are doing is building a chair in a chair hotspot then that just seems too similar to what we already have with the POH. I'd like a bit more variety between the gameplay mechanics than that.

I also have concerns about rewards and balancing. Hopefully there will be something in there beyond just xp and gp - I will be disappointed if that's all there is. If it is just xp/gp and the amount is set too low, then this will be dead content. Conversely, if the rewards are too lucrative (and cost effective), then that will be yet another feature of the POH superseded as contracts would be used as the defacto training method instead.
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I be happy with just a few cans of paint and some paint brushes so I can just spend some time painting my POH walls (of my loving colors) or paint a mural on one of the walls like ... What ever anything is better than nothing so keep up the good work and hope some day I can hang some plants or a bird cage around my POH :)

A swimming pool will be nice also...

I love interior decoration so a few selective contracts of interior decoration will be nice as long as I can decide how to decorate the place. Yep like when I was decorating the Aquarium...

I can always hire a contractor to do some remodeling and construction work around my POH while I am getting some more xp at the work bench or my dungeon so yep maybe and underground dungeon will be cool also...
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