M&S Rework: Elemental Workshop

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So I assume the Devs are planning on leaving it as it is? Not removing it? I didn't see anything in the documents. Yes, I voted for it in the recent poll :P Mi nombre es El Muchalito Grande, El Burro de Tres Patas!

10-Oct-2018 07:17:30



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As strange as it sounds, the level to smith each of the EW armors is already pretty close to the required Defense Level.

The other issue is that the armor is magic armor, not melee. Also, it is kinda niche, and I doubt many people use it in real combat. More likely to use it for cosmetic reasons.

11-Oct-2018 12:43:40

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Most existing armour s will be unchanchanged besides the current dragon armour which will become power armour. I advise you to continuously check their published design documents to stay in the loop!

As for the quests in the document listed under “other content”

“All quests have been updated to make sense with the new mechanics, but no major changes have been made. For example, we haven't gone through and checked that dialogue still makes sense with the new metal tiers.”

13-Oct-2018 18:49:46

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