Please God NO (Sixth Age V2)

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the asylum was sealed prior to the home being built. ormod mentions in his notes he found it but could not unlock it, and then his descendant/relative ingram opens it himself years later (verified by his notes, saying ormod slew his servants "all those years ago";).

nabor used to be the warden and was sealed in the asylum by azzanadra. who was then sealed in a pyramid. it does not mention a new warden, and it's implied that because azzanadra was sealed he couldn't free nabor who died in there due to missing rituals (sliske's notes).

there's no real documented history from that point aside from sliske reentering it until it's reopened by ingram in the 6th age. all we know is a house was built on it and it was sealed by then. and that it was used in the zarosian empire and adjacent to senntisten which was lost.

furthermore sliske notes that nabor has missed 5 rituals when he revisits the asylum. we can reasonably conclude no mahjarrat entered the asylum then, because they would have used nabor as a sacrifice (sliske calls it a waste they didn't). and there are not many other creatures that can live this long to even know the asylum exists, much less after the empire was destroyed. one exception is the sole resident of the asylum who was still alive, in broken home quest.

sliske's allegiance in rituals was also undetermined after the fall of the empire. in new varrock zemouregal's notes mention this and he revealed he was a zamorakian. so it would make sense he quit using the zarosian title he had as well.

so the best explanation is it was forgotten about some time after senntisten's fall. the glory of zaros incident happened in 2nd age, further supported by the fact that the word "zaros" was forgotten about by modern era humans until the digsite quest.

i think in going thru all this, i have reaffirmed that we don't need a 7th age. people struggle keeping up with the storyline as is and it's kind of pointless to keep creating more confusion.
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So all you wrote on your last post was "there was no documentation" this and that and you assumed this and that like nobody could enter (and therefore leave) the asylum, and Sliske dropped his Zorosian title. There is absolutely no lore on any of these.

We know one thing though.... the part with the haunted house. First, there is a Demon there, one of the kind Zaros allied with. The Demon is not sealed whatsoever as we see him eating a maid and chasing us around the house. The other interesting point is the Demon described himself as the "accountant" of the family. Well, I don't know if 2nd Age ancient people employed accountants. :D

As for Sliske dropping his title, and whatever Zamouregal's note in New Varrock, I guess you know New Varrock is the alternate reality of Gielinor but not the real Gielinor so anything can happen and it also doesn't tell you the timeline of the note thingie. It never said 2nd Age anyway and Sliske did not have to drop his Zarosian title just because he "was" a Zamarokian in New Varrock but not the actual living and breathing Gielinor.

Regarding the missing of Nabor. Again, nobody knew what happened like many of the Mahjarrats are still missing. Some of the weaker ones, like Jhallan, could have just gone into hiding in the fear of being sacrified in a Ritual.

If you tried to use "Visit from an old frined" or whatever that note is to imply Azzanadra sealed Nabor in the asylum, it actually did not imply Azzanadra "sealed" Nabor in the asylum as whoever wrote the note mentioned Nabor was locked in his "own prison". He might just be hiding from the Rituals like the other missing Mahjarrats. Besides, it also did not have any time line on it that it was the 2nd Age. Even if Azzanadra did do something to Nabor, it could be the 4th or 5th Age after the God War too.

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Jack Flac said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Immortalized said:
the asylum is the place located under the home in the broken home quest, immediately north by about 10 seconds of the digsite which is the location of senntisten

Broken Home is not a 2nd Age quest, right? How did you tell the asylum only existed in the 2nd Age but not the 3rd, 4th and 5th Age?

I don't think the owner of the haunted house lived in and rebuilt that 6th Age looking house in the 2nd Age neither.
The asylum was uneartherd sometime in the 5th age, according to the notes left over by the one who built the mansion.

The monster we encounter during Broken Home, is a creature from the Zarosian Empire, a Cthullian. It tells us this itself, and if you were paying attention during the quest Children of Mah, you would know that we saw one of it's kind there in the throne room as well.

Sure, but nothing was said about the Demon being locked up in the asylum at the 2nd Age. He came to the aid of Zaros but nothing was told until the 5th Age. No stories and timeline whatsoever in between.

There is always a general misconception that some people think when a NPC is introduced at a particular Age/timeline(e.g. Year 100 of the 2nd Age), everyquest he is involved is always at the same Age/timeline (e.g. Year 100 of the 2nd Age) unless otherwise explicitly specified in the game. That said, many people have mistakenly thought there was a lack of 6th Age quests since they didn't realize Death of Chivalry, the last Penguin Quest and such are actually 6th Age but not 5th Age quests.

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Iceey said:
They need to. And I strongly disagree with you.

You cannot at all continue to make quests require Grandmaster quests. Because then lower levels cannot enjoy the main storyline.

You cannot require 15 Grandmasters for a Grandmaster. What they did was one of the best ideas ever. And I strongly support them now.

i agree.

which is why they need to remove the labels of grandmaster etc

a story without continuity is a shit story tbh

anyone who has played ever quest 2 will know how such moves ends up

at one point, one of the leaders of one of the three cities was kidnapped and missing, in his tent leading an army in a far off land, and in his throne room AT THE SAME TIME because they didnt stick with continuity, and it understandably just felt totally broken

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