What else to prepare for M&S?

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I've got 99 M&S, Finished both Elite Varrack dairies, Mined all my Bane ore, bought all the bars I need, Pumped as much money as I could into Salvage, finished my Magic Golem set, got the Mats for the E&S pick, maxed my Spring-cleaner.

What else do I still need to do, or should do before the rework? I've been going over the Guide and Docs, feeling like I'm forgetting some stuff, but I can't place it.
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30-Dec-2018 03:51:07

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I think it wouldn't hurt to have 2 bars of each existing kind for the ore box. If you want to start out straight with masterwork armour smithing tons more of each kind of bar (especially rune and bane ore). Maybe already creating the gizmos you would want to use on your pick/hammer. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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30-Dec-2018 08:10:41

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Honestly the only thing that needs to be prepared is getting the required items to make the second best/best pickaxe in the game ahead of time.

I considered mining ores and smithing bars ahead of time but then I thought.. why bother? It'll be an easier process after the overhaul hits the live game due to the ore no longer depleting and then account for the Grace of the Elves necklace with porter charges for 500 items - I reckon getting all the ores will be a lot easier after the M&S overhaul is up and running rather than before it.

Of course, if someone wants to do that then fair play but I do genuinely think the process of getting all the ores for masterwork etc. will be much easier once ores are non depletable. The option of buying the bars/ores ahead of time is also there too but eh.. it'll get pricey.

30-Dec-2018 20:34:38

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Use suity's guide on the new rs wiki(the non-fandom one) and it has a list.
Here is the info suggested for preparing for it other than perk changes
Pickaxe of Earth and Song ingredients: Crystal pickaxe, Imcando pickaxe, Blast fusion hammer.
Unlock all existing Artisans Workshop upgrades, especially considering the current Trim req will have new additions. After unlocking everything, gain another 100% for new upgrades on release (e.g. Solemn Smith IV and V). Accumulating Artisans' workshop respect enhancers is also a good idea.
Look through the achievements to see cape requirements.
For those aiming to make Masterwork or Trimmed Masterwork armour, accumulate the bars required and mine enough Bane ore. See the Masterwork calculator for details. 600 Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril and Adamant bars, 1,596 Rune bars (ignoring double smelting chance), and 1,200 Bane ore are required for the set. Purchase enough Torva and Malevolent for 12 essence.

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