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A Mighty

A Mighty

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- What are the top things (up to three) that make you want to do a quest?

1. Lore
2. The fact that no other game I've played has a style of quests like RS.
3. Quests are fun! :D

- What are the top things (up to three) that discourage you from completing a quest?

1. High skill requirements- I HATE grinding! (although, that would more discourage me from starting a quest instead of finishing it...)
2. Hard boss fights- I'm not a hardcore PvM'er!
3. Quests where you are left with absolutely no idea what to do next. This is mostly a problem for older quests, where you have to do some obscure task. Newer quests seem better at this.

- What sort of rewards would you like from the Quest Point Shop?

A full set of 'Trials' armour to go with my helm! :D

- One of the things we've been discussing in the studio is whether or not someone with max Quest Points should be able to unlock everything on release?

They probably should.

- What type of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Quester, Skiller, Completionist, Social) (You can choose more than one)

Lorehound first and foremost, and quester second. I'm casually aiming for the quest cape, and I should have it sometime next year based on my current plan :)

- What is your current number of quest points?

Currently 312, but it is ever rising ;)

- How long have you been playing RuneScape?

Since November 6, 2007. I know this because I was eligible for the 10 year cape that date last year :D

- What are your combat level and skill total?

Combat level is currently 95; skill total 1656. I consider that to be mid-level, but that's really in the eye of the beholder I guess...
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