Invention during DXPW?

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Here's the main thing none of you have mentioned yet:

Researching blueprints does provide the full double-XP bonus.

That's always been the case. Normally, unless you've been planning for a while it's rare to actually have enough unresearched blueprints left to capitalize on DXP, but players have been able to make sizeable gains by researching any blueprints they happen to still have left over.

This time marks the first DXP since Player Owned Farms, meaning this time we're heading into utterly broken territory: Extreme Invention potions are a thing, and they temporarily boost your Invention level by a *huge* amount, while allows you to unlock blueprints early. It's easily possible to advance a level or two by researching blueprints via the potion *ordinarily*.

Now consider: if you drink a potion during DXP, subsequent blueprints will award 2x the normal XP. You are absolutely guaranteed to gain a level (or a few levels) researching blueprints before the potion expires... at which point your base Invention level will increase and you can take another sip to be able to research blueprints from even higher levels, which provide even more XP, which is also doubled.

I'm willing to bet that anyone who takes a large supply of Extreme Invention Potion into DXP will be able to reach, and surpass, level 99 Invention *regardless* of whatever level they started at, due to being able to double an already overpowered source of XP, and the way the boost feeds into itself (you use a potion to boost your level, which gives you access to fast means of gaining enough XP to increase your actual level, which increases the level that skill is boosted to through subsequent doses of the potion because your starting level is highter).

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