M&S rework - best pick perks?

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Lego Miester
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I'm trying to do a bit of preparation for the rework. I got the items I'll need for the top tier pickaxe, but with the functionality of mining changing, what will be the best perks on a pickaxe? Will honed still work for faster mining speed? Does Polishing still upgrade the new tiers of ores to higher ones?

Other things i can do to prepare for the rework would be nice too. Are there new tiers of hatchets? Resources to hoard?

edit: this from the sticky is helping me a lot, but I still haven't tested the perks myself, even though this is clarifying how some of them have changed.
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Most people agree Honed + Refined.

Polishing can be handy, but isn't recommended due to having no function on animica.
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