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The only real issue with the update is that F2P lost their best moneymaker(s). The grind for that initial Bond might even be comparable to OSRS' now. Yikes.

Content-wise, however, they gained a lot.
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Fire Hawk154 said:
They drop specific combat gear that cannot be acquired through other mobs. So if it makes senses to lower rune to level 50 then it also makes sense to lower slayer mobs to the requirements of their unique drops. It doesn't make sense to have someone slay their way to 85 just to get a t70 weapon, which is precisely the argument people used for lowering the requirements on rune. I guess people only want tierscape and balance if it suits them.

They also selectively forget they can already smith T85 and T90 armour... the profit just isn't enough for them.
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08-Jan-2019 12:38:32

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