masterwork- eltite armours

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Ace Sparrow
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Ace Sparrow

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i think that elite armour both tec and sir should gain the some of the same effects to make them more able to be used ,
- no degrade slayer
- no degrade reaper
some form of perfect fit would be nice
maybe a passive ablitiy would make it more even

maybe even have the same repair option use the t90 , making the armour usable .

09-Jan-2019 03:45:10

Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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I'd prefer to see them save similar armors to masterwork for other skilling reworks. More notably, Crafting and Runecrafting alongside Fletching and Woodcutting.

EDIT: There's also the simple fact that Elite Sirenic and Tectonic exist solely because the Trimmed Masterwork was going to be released in the M&S update, and would skew the combat triangle for an unknown amount of time.
So they released those two with Elite Dungeons first.
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