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Mod Shauny said:
We know you get frustrated with dreams and broken promises,

No offence, but this has been said before and the whole article proves no different. There's just too many variables to expect anything on the ETA, nowadays.

That isn't to say the gesture isn't nice and the article of the FGU isn't necessarily exciting, but it's gunna' take more than more dreams and broken promises this year to buy into premier membership again for 2019, I'm already "frustrated" enough. Just saying.

On a side-note, please stop even developing "seasonal" events that simply make the company a quick-buck i.e. runecoin cosmetics and irrelevant titles/pets. They have little long-term incentive with a handful of small XP lamps at best and it ruins the entirety of participating in them in the first place. If you truly want to celebrate the season or holiday with the community, do it how it used to be done with a festive non-tradeable discontinued item for a couple weeks, without an agenda for a bigger paycheck. That's no fun for anyone.

It's not my opinion matters, anyways. I guess I'm simply here for postcount. Thanks.
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06-Oct-2018 18:40:19

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