POH Rework Cancelled?

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Hey guys,

I appreciate the concern about the POH Update, I noticed it in the poll but haven't heard anything otherwise about it being canceled. So I'm going to flag this to try and get an update.

Thanks again for your diligence guys.
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24-Feb-2018 00:52:19

Big Storms
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Big Storms

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Okay to be honest I would not expect much, if anything at all. A rework for player owned houses has been suggested by the community and talked about by Jagex for at least 7 years :I distinctly remember making a thread about it at the release of citadels, which got 30 pages of responses including one from a Jagex moderator.
However aside from the sporadic new room (like the aquarium), no actual progress has ever been made, while the code has only become more ancient over time with fewer (if any) people left daring to make changes to it (the famous spaghetti code).

Meanwhile the community mentality has shifted: where people used to enjoy house parties (good ol world 31), now people would call it an experience waste and seem to focus (I would say have tunnel vision) on maximizing efficiency. Though a construction rework is still desired by many according to the polls, I wonder if what people want from it is still the same.

All in all I think Jagex thinks the development costs (dealing with ancient code) are too high compared to the revenue it will bring in terms of player engagement. I wish that this was different though, since construction is a very unique skill, completely different from all other skills.
Who knows, some day a miracle might happen. But in its current state construction, specifically Player Owned Houses, pretty much need to be rewritten from the ground up (but unlike mining and smithing the training methods can stay the same).
While currently the time needed for such development work is taken up by Runescape Mobile, the Mining and Smithing rework and the Bank rework (after Mobile).
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27-Aug-2018 09:39:55

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